W patch-system-but-no-source-readme

All reports of patch-system-but-no-source-readme for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

This package build-depends on a patch system such as dpatch or quilt, but there is no debian/README.source file. This file is recommended for any package where dpkg-source -x does not result in the preferred form for making modifications to the package.

If you are using quilt and the package needs no other special handling instructions, you may want to add a debian/README.source referring to /usr/share/doc/quilt/README.source. Similarly, you can refer to /usr/share/doc/dpatch/README.source.gz for dpatch.

Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 4.14 (Source package handling: debian/README.source) for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

Check: patch-systems, Type: source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

abinit (source)

abuse-sdl (source)

abuse-sfx (source)

acidrip (source)

adacontrol (source)

adonthell-data (source)

adplay (source)

afflib (source)

afuse (source)

analog (source)

anubis (source)

aoetools (source)

apf (source)

apg (source)

apt-xapian-index (source)

argus-client (source)

arora (source)

array-info (source)

asis (source)

asmix (source)

atitvout (source)

autoconf2.59 (source)

autoconf2.64 (source)

autogen (source)

autorun4linuxcd (source)

aylet (source)

balazar (source)

balazarbrothers (source)

bash (source)

bbpager (source)

bbtime (source)

binutils-h8300-hms (source)

bittorrent (source)

bloboats (source)

bluemon (source)

boa (source)

bouncy (source)

box2d (source)

briquolo (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-ac (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-laser (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-laser1 (source)

brother-cups-wrapper-mfc9420cn (source)

buoy (source)

bvi (source)

bwm-ng (source)

byacc-j (source)

bzr-builddeb (source) overridden

c-repl (source)

camljava (source)

cbflib (source)

cddlib (source)

cecilia (source)

cfi (source)

charva (source)

ciso (source)

cmph (source)

cmt (source)

cobalt-panel-utils (source)

coldfire (source)

compiz (source)

conglomerate (source)

convertall (source)

cplay (source)

cpptest (source)

cpu (source)

cpuid (source)

cpushare (source)

crossroads (source)

cryptcat (source)

csstidy (source)

cvs-syncmail (source)

cycle (source)

dbf2mysql (source)

dd2 (source)

debmirror (source)

delta (source)

devil (source)

dict-jargon (source)

dirdiff (source)

distmp3 (source)

ditz (source)

dlint (source)

dmucs (source)

docbook-simple (source)

docbook2odf (source)

docbook2x (source)

docker (source)

dooble (source)

drawmap (source)

drift (source)

dvd-slideshow (source)

dvhtool (source)

easyspice (source)

ebnetd (source)

ebview (source)

ecosconfig-imx (source)

elserv (source)

elvis (source)

enemylines7 (source)

enscribe (source)

etw (source)

extace (source)

ez-ipupdate (source)

fbpager (source)

fdclock (source)

ffmpeg-php (source)

filepp (source)

fileschanged (source)

firedns (source)

firestring (source)

fish (source)

flexbackup (source)

flickrfs (source)

flint (source)

flow-tools (source)

fplll (source)

freesweep (source)

fspy (source)

funnyboat (source)

gambc (source)

gco (source)

gdb-avr (source)

gebabbel (source)

geki2 (source)

geki3 (source)

genetic (source)

genus2reduction (source)

gfan (source)

gkermit (source)

glam2 (source)

gloox (source)

gmm (source)

gnome-alsamixer (source)

gnomekiss (source)

gnudoq (source)

gnurobots (source)

gpart (source)

gpcl (source)

gpgme1.0 (source)

gpiv (source)

gpixpod (source)

gpp4 (source)

gpsdrive (source)

gpx2shp (source)

gramofile (source)

graphmonkey (source)

graphthing (source)

gravitywars (source)

grcm (source)

gridengine (source)

grokevt (source)

groundhog (source)

gsetroot (source)

gtkglarea-sharp (source)

gtkglextmm (source)

gtkmathview (source)

guava (source)

guile-1.6 (source)

guile-pg (source)

h5utils (source)

hal-info (source)

havp (source)

hfsplus (source)

hfsutils (source)

hnb (source)

hotswap (source)

hoz (source)

htmlgen (source)

htp (source)

hunspell (source)

hyphen (source)

i810switch (source)

iaxmodem (source)

icecc-monitor (source)

icon-naming-utils (source)

id3ren (source)

ifrit (source)

ike-scan (source)

ilohamail (source)

iml (source)

inadyn (source)

indicator-applet (source)

indicator-datetime (source)

inguma (source)

inn (source)

intel-gpu-tools (source)

ipcalc (source)

ircd-hybrid (source)

ircd-ircu (source)

iriverter (source)

isns (source)

italc (source)

jabberd2 (source)

jaminid (source)

janino (source)

jargoninformatique (source)

jfsutils (source)

jigdo (source)

jlint (source)

kgb (source)

khmerconverter (source)

kopete-plugin-thinklight (source)

kover (source)

kplayer (source)

kraptor (source)

kscope (source)

kxl (source)

labrea (source)

ladr (source)

lakai (source)

langdrill (source)

lastfmproxy (source)

late (source)

latexmk (source)

lcalc (source)

ldiskfsprogs (source)

le (source)

libapache-mod-auth-kerb (source)

libapache-mod-removeip (source)

libapache2-mod-auth-pam (source)

libapache2-mod-auth-plain (source)

libappindicator (source)

libauthen-captcha-perl (source)

libbarcode-code128-perl (source)

libbinio (source)

libcache-simple-timedexpiry-perl (source)

libconfig-apacheformat-perl (source)

libconvert-binhex-perl (source)

libcrypt-openssl-random-perl (source)

libcsoap (source)

libdata-treedumper-renderer-dhtml-perl (source)

libdata-validate-email-perl (source)

libdata-walk-perl (source)

libdbd-excel-perl (source)

libdbusmenu (source)

libdevel-gdb-perl (source)

libdumb (source)

libdvb (source)

libemail-localdelivery-perl (source)

libfile-pid-perl (source)

libfilesys-smbclient-perl (source)

libflickr-api-perl (source)

libfont-freetype-perl (source)

libgctp (source)

libgeo-metar-perl (source)

libgetopt++ (source)

libgetopt-tabular-perl (source)

libggimisc (source)

libgii (source)

libhtml-clean-perl (source)

libhtml-highlight-perl (source)

libhtml-tagset-perl (source)

libhtml-wikiconverter-markdown-perl (source)

libhtmlparser-java (source)

libhttp-response-encoding-perl (source)

libid3tag (source)

libinklevel (source)

libio-capture-perl (source)

libircclient (source)

libirman (source)

libjboss-buildmagic-java (source)

libjgraphx-java (source)

libkal (source)

liblinux-kernelsort-perl (source)

liblog-dispatch-filerotate-perl (source)

liblouis (source)

libm4ri (source)

libmad (source)

libmarc-perl (source)

libmasonx-request-withapachesession-perl (source)

libmath-algebra-symbols-perl (source)

libmath-nocarry-perl (source)

libmath-numbercruncher-perl (source)

libmrss (source)

libnet (source)

libnet-amazon-s3-tools-perl (source)

libnet-bluetooth-perl (source)

libnet-irc-perl (source)

libnet-snpp-perl (source)

libnet-whois-ripe-perl (source)

libnetxap-perl (source)

libnss-db (source)

libnss-ldap (source)

libogg-vorbis-header-perl (source)

libopenobex (source)

liborigin (source)

libpam-ldap (source)

libpdf-reuse-barcode-perl (source)

libreadonly-xs-perl (source)

librest-application-perl (source)

librtf-document-perl (source)

librunapp-perl (source)

libsieve (source)

libsnmp-mib-compiler-perl (source)

libsnmp-ruby (source)

libspreadsheet-parseexcel-simple-perl (source)

libswish-api-common-perl (source)

libsyncml (source)

libsyntax-highlight-engine-simple-languages-perl (source)

libsyntax-highlight-perl-improved-perl (source)

libsys-gamin-perl (source)

libtango (source)

libtemplates-parser (source)

libterm-readkey-perl (source)

libterm-readline-zoid-perl (source)

libtest-mockclass-perl (source)

libtest-unit-perl (source)

libtext-levenshtein-perl (source)

libtext-wrapi18n-perl (source)

libtime-duration-parse-perl (source)

libtut (source)

libunity (source)

libuser (source)

libweather-com-perl (source)

libx11-freedesktop-desktopentry-perl (source)

libx500-dn-perl (source)

libxml-dom-perl (source)

libxmlada (source) overridden

libzn-poly (source)

lifelines (source)

lightdm (source)

linbox (source)

lincity-ng (source)

lintian (source) overridden

linux-base (source)

liquidwar (source)

listadmin (source)

lmbench (source)

log4cpp (source)

log4cxx (source)

loggedfs (source)

loki (source)

lsat (source)

lsdvd (source)

lxsplit (source)

lybniz (source)

madlib (source)

magicmaze (source)

mailcheck (source)

makeself (source)

manpages-es (source)

mawk (source)

mcdp (source)

memdump (source)

mesa-glw (source)

mgetty (source)

mgm (source)

mgt (source)

micro-proxy (source)

midisport-firmware (source)

ming (source)

mingw-ocaml (source)

mini-httpd (source)

mjpegtools (source)

mod-auth-mysql (source)

monsterz (source)

mouseemu (source)

mousetrap (source)

mpage (source)

mpgtx (source)

mrename (source)

mrxvt (source)

mt-st (source)

multiget (source)

multitail (source)

muttprint (source)

mx44 (source)

mylvmbackup (source)

myspell (source)

n2n (source)

nagcon (source)

nagzilla (source)

nana (source)

nanoweb (source)

ndesk-dbus-glib (source)

netdisco (source)

netpbm-free (source)

netw-ib-ox-ag (source)

network-config (source)

newmat (source)

nget (source)

nikwi (source)

nini (source)

njam (source)

noweb (source)

nspluginwrapper (source)

nux (source)

nvidia-settings (source)

nvidia-settings-experimental-304 (source)

nvidia-settings-updates (source)

nwall (source)

nxcl (source)

nxcompshad (source)

ocaml-magic (source)

ocsinventory-server (source)

ogmrip-mpeg (source)

ogmtools (source)

oneisenough (source)

ooo2dbk (source)

ooolib-perl (source)

opendict (source)

openjpeg (source)

openoffice.org-dictionaries (source)

opensync (source)

openvas-client (source)

osdclock (source)

osdsh (source)

oss-preserve (source)

otpw (source)

overgod (source)

oxygencursors (source)

pacemaker-mgmt (source)

pacman4console (source)

palp (source)

pam-mysql (source)

paman (source)

papercut (source)

par (source)

pathological (source)

pavucontrol (source)

pclock (source)

pen (source)

pentaho-reporting-flow-engine (source)

perlpanel (source)

pfstmo (source)

php-crypt-gpg (source)

phpwebcounter (source)

pidgin-extprefs (source)

pinfo (source)

pixbros (source)

pixfrogger (source)

plan (source)

plib (source)

pmk (source)

png2html (source)

pnglite (source)

polipo (source)

polybori (source)

pop-before-smtp (source)

popfile (source)

portaudio (source)

ppm (source)

prelink (source)

prelude-manager (source)

prosper (source)

prover9-manual (source)

ptunnel (source)

pvm (source)

pwlib (source)

pxe (source)

py-asterisk (source)

pyblosxom (source)

pyca (source)

pydb (source)

pydirector (source)

pyode (source)

pyorbit (source)

pyprotocols (source)

python-django-contact-form (source)

python-dpkt (source)

python-facebook (source)

python-pcs (source)

python-plwm (source)

python-pypcap (source)

python-soappy (source)

python-twitter (source)

python-xlrd (source)

python-yenc (source)

pytone (source)

qfreefax (source)

qmc (source)

qrfcview (source)

qt-x11-free (source)

qtemu (source)

qtnx (source)

quicksynergy (source)

qutemol (source)

qzion (source)

rabbyt (source)

rafkill (source)

razor (source)

rdflib (source)

readahead-fedora (source)

recoverdm (source)

redet (source)

resapplet (source)

ri-li (source)

ripole (source)

rox (source)

rrootage (source)

ruby-prof (source)

rutilt (source)

rxvt-beta (source)

rzip (source)

sagcad (source)

sanduhr (source)

sane-frontends (source)

scgi (source)

scheme48 (source)

scim-bridge (source)

scim-tables (source)

scm (source)

scottfree (source)

screen (source)

seccure (source)

sendmail (source)

ser2net (source)

shanty (source)

shisen.app (source)

simba (source)

singular (source)

slsqlite (source)

sntop (source)

sockstat (source)

spacearyarya (source)

spamoracle (source)

spampd (source)

spell (source)

spread (source)

sqliteman (source)

ssmping (source)

ssss (source)

stalin (source)

starvoyager (source)

stun (source)

stymulator (source)

subtitleripper (source)

sugarplum (source)

suitesparse-metis (source)

supertransball2 (source)

sux (source)

swapspace (source)

swish++ (source)

switchsh (source)

symmetrica (source)

sympow (source)

synaptic (source)

syrep (source)

sysbench (source)

syslinux-legacy (source)

system-config-cluster (source)

system-config-samba (source)

systraq (source)

t1lib (source)

tableau-parm (source)

tailor (source)

tango-icon-theme (source)

tapecalc (source)

task (source)

tclex (source)

tclodbc (source)

tcm (source)

tcpser (source)

tdfsb (source)

tdom (source)

teg (source)

tetgen (source)

tex4ht (source)

tiemu (source)

tilda (source)

tktreectrl (source)

tmexpand (source)

tmview (source)

tofu (source)

tor (source)

tpb (source)

tpp (source)

triangle (source)

trueprint (source)

tsocks (source)

txt2regex (source)

uisp (source)

uml-utilities (source)

unittest++ (source)

unity (source)

user-mode-linux (source)

ussp-push (source)

vbetool (source)

vblade (source)

vdk2 (source)

vflib3 (source)

videogen (source)

vilistextum (source)

vim-scripts (source)

vodovod (source)

vrflash (source)

whizzytex (source)

winefish (source)

wing (source)

wmcpu (source)

wmdate (source)

wmforkplop (source)

wmmatrix (source)

worldwind (source)

wp2x (source)

writer2latex (source)

wrr (source)

wsjt (source)

wulfware (source)

wyrd (source)

wzdftpd (source)

x11proto-dri2 (source)

x52pro (source)

xarchiver (source)

xautomation (source)

xbattle (source)

xboing (source)

xcal (source)

xchat-xsys (source)

xdesktopwaves (source)

xemacs21-packages (source)

xkbset (source)

xli (source)

xmail (source)

xmakemol (source)

xmds-doc (source)

xorg-sgml-doctools (source)

xoscope (source)

xsok (source)

xtux (source)

xvattr (source)

xvkbd (source)

xvt (source)

xxgdb (source)

yacpi (source)

yamdi (source)

yaret (source)

yasr (source)

yeahconsole (source)

ytalk (source)

yum-metadata-parser (source)

zangband (source)

zatacka (source)

zbar (source)

zemberek-ooo (source)

zemberek-server (source)

zend-framework (source)

zipios++ (source)

zsnes (source)

zynaddsubfx (source)