I unused-debconf-template

All reports of unused-debconf-template for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

Templates which are not used by the package should be removed from the templates file.

This will reduce the size of the templates database and prevent translators from unnecessarily translating the template's text.

In some cases, the template is used but Lintian is unable to determine this. Common causes are:

- the maintainer scripts embed a variable in the template name in order to allow a template to be selected from a range of similar templates (e.g. db_input low start_$service_at_boot)

- the template is not used by the maintainer scripts but is used by a program in the package

- the maintainer scripts are written in perl. lintian currently only understands the shell script debconf functions.

If any of the above apply, please install an override.

Severity: minor, Certainty: possible

Check: debconf, Type: binary, udeb, source

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

acidbase (binary) overridden

alsa-source (binary) overridden

arb-common (binary)

backuppc (binary)

bacula-director-mysql (binary)

bacula-director-pgsql (binary)

bandwidthd (binary)

bandwidthd-pgsql (binary)

bgoffice-dict-downloader (binary) overridden

cdebconf (binary)

cdebconf-gtk (binary)

cipux-cat-web (binary)

circuslinux (binary)

code-aster-run (binary)

configure-debian (binary)

console-common (binary)

console-data (binary)

console-setup (binary)

courier-base (binary)

cvsd (binary) overridden

davfs2 (binary)

dbconfig-common (binary)

debian-installer-launcher (binary)

dell-recovery (binary)

dhis-client (binary)

dictionaries-common (binary)

discover (binary)

dokuwiki (binary) overridden

dwww (binary) overridden

edubuntu-live (binary)

emacspeak (binary)

emacspeak-ss (binary)

etckeeper (binary)

fiaif (binary)

firebird2.1-classic (binary) overridden

firebird2.1-super (binary) overridden

firebird2.5-classic (binary) overridden

firebird2.5-super (binary) overridden

firebird2.5-superclassic (binary) overridden

frontaccounting (binary)

gdm (binary)

geneweb (binary)

gforge-db-postgresql (binary)

gforge-dns-bind9 (binary)

gnats-user (binary)

goto-fai-progress (binary)

greylistd (binary)

gridengine-common (binary)

grub (binary)

grub-coreboot (binary)

grub-efi-amd64 (binary)

grub-efi-ia32 (binary)

grub-ieee1275 (binary)

grub-legacy-ec2 (binary)

grub-pc (binary)

iestonian (binary)

igaelic (binary)

imanx (binary)

interchange-cat-standard (binary)

ipplan (binary)

ipvsadm (binary)

irda-utils (binary)

irussian (binary)

isc-dhcp-server (binary)

isdnvboxserver (binary)

jffnms (binary)

jspwiki (binary)

junior-config (binary)

kdm (binary)

keyboard-configuration (binary)

kolab-cyrus-common (binary)

kstars-data-extra-tycho2 (binary)

kumofs (binary)

landscape-client (binary)

landscape-common (binary)

libapache-sessionx-perl (binary) overridden

libglide2 (binary)

libglide3 (binary)

libpam-runtime (binary)

lightdm-kde-greeter (binary)

linux-base (binary)

localization-config (binary)

logtool (binary)

med-config (binary)

mini-buildd-common (binary)

mini-buildd-rep (binary)

mopd (binary)

mysql-server-5.5 (binary)

mythbuntu-live-autostart (binary)

mythtv-frontend (binary)

mythtv-status (binary) overridden

netmrg (binary)

oem-config (binary)

pcd2html (binary)

php5-mapscript (binary)

plptools (binary)

postfix (binary)

python-poker-network (binary)

request-tracker4 (binary)

rocksndiamonds (binary)

samhain (binary)

science-config (binary)

setserial (binary)

shorewall (binary)

sitesummary-client (binary)

slapd (binary)

slapos-client (binary)

slapos-node-unofficial (binary)

slim (binary)

smb2www (binary) overridden

ssl-cert (binary)

ssmtp (binary)

strongswan-starter (binary)

swish-e (binary)

tasksel (binary)

tex-common (binary)

texlive-base (binary)

tpb (binary)

tripwire (binary)

ttf-mscorefonts-installer (binary)

tzdata (binary)

ubiquity (binary)

ubuntu-drivers-common (binary)

ucf (binary)

update-inetd (binary) overridden

uprecords-cgi (binary)

uptimed (binary)

user-setup (binary)

uswsusp (binary) overridden

wdm (binary)

webfs (binary) overridden

websvn (binary)

wzdftpd (binary)

x11-common (binary)

xawtv (binary)

xdm (binary)

zekr-quran-translations-en (binary)

zope-common (binary)